Business Travel Done Right

A critical part of your business is your Business Travel – it helps you identify customers, maintain relationships, and demonstrate your continued commitment to their success. Business Travel also takes the most important asset in your business, your team, and takes them out of the office to navigate the ever-changing travel landscape.

Business Travel can be challenging, complex, and fast-changing. You need a partner who not only understands the challenges of today, but looks towards the challenges of the future and works to ensure your team is kept safe, healthy, and energized. Our goal at TL365 is to ensure that your travel is as frictionless as possible while maximizing your company’s ROI. Business Travel should be a differentiator for your business, not something that causes your team stress. TL365 can help – Business Travel Done Right.

Travel Leaders 365
Travel Leaders 365

Reporting Suite

Data matters. Our suite of reporting tools captures, cleanses and categorizes your travel purchases so there are no unwelcome surprises. From supplier management to risk management to reconciliation analysis – our suite of reporting tools can streamline many manual processes.

We also see beyond your company. With thousands of corporate clients, we compare key performance indicators and create comparative benchmarks to see how you’re performing. From tweaks to overhauls, our experts can assist in strengthening performance.

In addition to the usual metrics of travel purchases, risk management and supplier management, our reporting can also provide you a detailed review of the impact an air supplier has had on your business. This includes a breakdown of delays, cancelations, diversions, etc, and how they relate to other airlines during the same period. This powerful insight helps us negotiate better, and ensure you are matched up with the correct supplier partners.

Lets Chat About Your Travel

We understand that today you need instantaneous access, solutions and knowledge regarding your travel plans. To better support your needs, we have developed our mobile app to help you stay ahead of changing plans, conditions and have the instantaneous support you need.

The features of our app include:

  • List of your upcoming travel reservations
  • Live Chat with one of our agents, 24/7
  • Real-Time flight monitoring and alerts via Flight Stats
  • Access to Destination Guides in 600 cities world wide
Travel Leaders 365
Travel Leaders 365

Booking Resources

Always connected. Our flexible online booking options give you the power to search and select wherever and whenever. Our highly skilled travel counselors are available to assist with complex and international bookings from locations around the US rather than a nameless support person in some far away call center environment. Online or offline, we take the stress out of travel so you can focus on maximizing the return on your travel investment.


New Distribution Capability (NDC) is the latest evolution for the Travel Industry. The goal of NDC is to provide a new, modern platform to enable Airlines and Travel Advisors to sell air products – to corporations, business travelers, and leisure travelers by addressing the current distribution limitations in our industry.

TL365 has been at the forefront of NDC since to 2012, with our first official connection. Since then, we’ve been part of the shift to NDC, developing direct connections, GDS connections, and even consulting with Airline and Travel Industry partners to enhance the NDC process further. TL365 is NDC-ready, with connections and processes in place to support your traveler’s needs.

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