You’ve skied since your teens, given snowboarding a go and tried ice skating on frozen lakes. Now what? Boost your adrenaline levels with one of these unusual winter sports in Europe.

Whizz down a mountain on an Airboard

You’ve bodyboarded over crashing waves, so now try its winter counterpart: Airboarding. Feel your pulse thump with excitement as you try it at night. The ski resort of Beitostølen near Beito – equidistance from the Norwegian cities of Oslo and Bergen – offers the sport for adults and children over 10. Once you’ve met your guide at the Ski School office, you’ll be given a helmet and a safety briefing. Then it’s time to hop on sleds pulled by snowmobiles to shoot up the ski run. At the top, admire the illuminated slope before hurtling down the mountain. You’ll have the chance to zip down several runs in a single session before warming up with a complimentary hot drink. 

Airboarding in the ski resort of Beitostølen near Beito in Norway

Toboggan under the stars

Feel your heart pump and a cool breeze tickle your cheeks on Europe’s longest illuminated toboggan. The Preda Bergün toboggan route in south east Switzerland begins in the quaint settlement of Preda, and getting there is half the fun. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008, the Rhaetian Railway winds uphill through tunnels and over viaducts to the town. Travel after dusk and you’ll spot tobogganers whizzing down the valley under the stars. At 1,800 meters above sea level, you’ll hurtle down 400 meters altitude on an easy, four-mile track along the river Alvra, with views of the mountains around Naz village. You’ll come to a gentle halt in Bergün, where you can celebrate over fondue.

Toboggan under the stars in Preda Bergün in south east Switzerland

Challenge yourself to an ice climb

Nestled in the south west of Switzerland, the ski resort of Anzère is the winter wonderland you’re probably dreaming of. If you want to challenge yourself to a new sport in a beautiful location – and get fit in the process – then give ice climbing a go in the village’s Ice Park. A mountain guide will provide everything you need, from crampons and ice axes to ropes and belaying devices that create friction on the rope to brake or slow its movement. So you can rest assured, knowing you’re in safe hands. Depending on the weather, there are 12 ice climbing routes to choose from, 10 of which are entirely covered in ice. 

View across Anzere

Race a car across snow

Always dreamed of re-creating a car chase from your favorite movie? Now’s your chance. The Audi Driving Experience in the Spanish ski resort of Baqueira Beret allows you to get behind the wheel and slip, slide, and skid across a frozen land. Chooseyour preferred model, strap on your seatbelt then hit the gas to put your driving skills – and nerves – to the test. Are you agile enough to react in an instant? Can you anticipate what will happen on an uneven surface? Can you handle the wheels beneath you slipping across ice and snow? This extreme driving challenge ensures unforgettable emotions. The experience can be complemented with skiing with a discount on ski passes and equipment.

Audi Driving Experience in the Spanish ski resort of Baqueira Beret

Hurtle down a hill on a Zipflbob

If you enjoy surfing, you may wish to, try Zipflbob, a kind of sled with a handle. Sport Piraten in Schliersee, Germany, offers the sport along with snowshoe hikes through pine forests. After a short safety briefing, you’ll strap on snowshoes, attach a Zipflbob to your backpack, and trek off the beaten path through powder snow to an alpine pasture. After a hearty, home-cooked meal in a mountain hut with a beautiful panorama of peaks, you’ll zip down a winding road into the valley on your Zipflbob. Who will be the fastest? And who will fall off? Take the challenge to find out. Sport Piraten also offers igloo building sessions. 

Zipflob ride in the snow

Image credits: Beito Aktiv ski school, airboarding/Ronny Solheim, Toboggan under the stars/, Ice climbing credit Anzere Tourisme (credit Anzere Tourisme), Audi driving experience/Baqueira Beret, zipflob/24K-Production via Shutterstock.

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