Where the mighty Mount Etna gives life to flourishing vineyards, the salty, sapphire sea ebbs into quiet coves, chalky cliffs descend into wild nature reserves and cities steeped in history offer a peak into centuries long passed, Sicily lies off the Italian coast as an unmissable jewel of the Mediterranean. 

Make your family’s home away from home at the stunning Verdura Resort, on the southern coast of the island. Their villas couple the privacy of your own space, equipped with a private pool and elegantly designed interiors, with the benefits of the resort’s facilities, from the renowned spa to a selection of incredible restaurants. 

Swimming pool at Verdura Resort in Sicily

Day 1 – Unwind by the pool

Start the week off right with a relaxing pool day, dive into the cool waters and laze beneath the glorious Mediterranean sun. 

Over in Verduraland, Verdura’s colorful kid’s space, you’ll find a weekly schedule packed with engaging activities for every age from cooking classes and science experiments to arts and crafts and sports. 

Meanwhile, parents can discover the offerings of the Irene Forte Spa, where body and soul are rejuvenated in an open-air courtyard amongst the sweet-scented blossoms of the orange groves.

Day 2 – Explore Verdura on horseback

Trot beneath the shade of the olive trees that blanket Verdura Resort on a two-hour guided equestrian experience which is suitable for riders of all abilities.

The experience will take you through the resort’s verdant grounds, beyond lemon groves and vegetable gardens down the chalky paths that lead to the private, untouched beach. There, expansive views of the brilliant blue sea will extend before you while you course along the coast with a warm sea breeze on your face.

Speed boat trip at Verdura Resort in Sicily

Day 3 – Spend the day on a yacht

As you approach the middle of the week, set sail upon the glistening Mediterranean Sea and admire the southern Sicilian coastline where tremendous cliffs give way to white-sand beaches and pebbly coves. 

Sail to Scala dei Turchi or “Stair of the Turks”, the natural staircase within the white marble cliffs that once led docked Saracen pirates to the villages above. Or you could opt for the boat experience that will lead you along the coast to Selinunte, where majestic temples, notably the Temple of Hera’s ruins, remind you of Sicily’s rich history. Whichever itinerary you choose, you’ll have unparalleled access to some of Sicily’s epic landmarks, dive into crystal clear waters and stop at unspoiled, soft-sand beaches.

Day 4 – Take a day trip to Palermo

After filling up on a delicious early breakfast at the resort, set off for a day in Palermo, where echoes of a history torn between East and West trace through gilded buildings, cobbled alleys and spectacular piazzas. 

Spend the rest of the morning at the Piazza Pretoria, home to a 16th-century fountain depicting the twelve Gods of Olympus; the Church and Monastery of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, where a plain exterior deceptively disguises the truly breathtaking splendor within; and the Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, where Islamic architecture and spectacular Byzantine-style mosaics merge.

If you fancy some sizzling street food, Mercato del Ballaro is a great option to head to for lunch. Sicily’s long history with the Arab world is notable at the Palermian markets which are reminiscent of souks, with deliciously fragrant herbs, colorful produce and vibrant locals- so even if you choose to forgo the street food, the markets are still a must-do.

In the afternoon, head to the gilded Palatine Chapel, which lies within the Royal Palace. Here you’ll find ceilings, arches and walls scattered with mosaics, gilded Corinthian capitals and a wooden ceiling adorned with muqarnas, stalactite-like ornaments often found in the Arab world. Close to the Royal Palace is the Palermo Cathedral, where the rooftop offers panoramic views of the city.

The city is home to many wonderful eateries that are definitely worth a stop at. The quaint Pasticceria Cappello dates back to 1940 and still offers delicious Sicilian pastries, such as cannoli and cassette, to this day; Il Baro Pizzeria boasts some of the best pizzas in town; and Sicilian delicacies can be found at traditional osterias such as Osteria dei Vespri. For dessert, pick up some creamy gelato from Cappadonia Gelato. 

Dining at Verdura Resort in Sicily

Day 5 – Enjoy a sustainable dining experience

Spend the day learning all about classic Sicilian dishes and seasonal cooking at La Casetta nell’Orto, the charming cottage that sits within Verdura’s vegetable garden. 

After the gardener guides you through the garden, teaching you about the vegetables and herbs grown seasonally, you’ll have a chance to transform the fresh produce into flavourful dishes such as Maccherroncuno alla Norma and Sicilian Caponata, under the guidance of talented chefs.

Golf at Verdura Resort in Sicily

Day 6 – Perfect your swing at the Golf Academy

There’s no better place to improve your handicap than on a course that sweeps along the Sicilian coast with the sparkling Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop. The resort’s Golf Academy is led by PGA-qualified professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your game. Plus, they offer lessons for children and adults alike. 

After your lesson, reward your hard work with a drink at the clubhouse, the historic Torre Verdura Fort, which sits on the clifftop as a beautiful setting to refresh. 

Private Villa at Verdura Resort in Sicily

Day 7 – Reflect with a special dinner under the stars

The final day has arrived. Make the most of your last day in the villa and unwind and daydream by the pool, explore Verdura some more and perhaps fit in a final treatment at the spa. 

In the evening, reflect on your fabulous week with a private family dinner in one of Verdura’s many hidden spots. Whether it be on soft sands by the sea watching the sunset, on the roof of Amare with endless views of the Sicilian countryside or beneath the olive trees and starry skies, this will be the perfect send-off. 

Verdura Resort in Sicily

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