As our world continues to change, the need for travelers to be connected to support networks has never been more important. Travel Leaders 365 believes that every travel program needs a strong mobile solution to ensure travelers have ready access to important information about their trip, as well as various options to communicate with our Travel Advisors.

Travelers today require instantaneous solutions, especially when faced with travel disruptions or last minute changes. A traditional workflow would require travelers to contact you with a phone call which is not always convenient; or an email, which even at its fastest has a several minute delay and can’t support the same interpersonal communication levels.

Our real time chat solution provides the perfect compromise of minimized inconvenience, and maximized efficiency by allowing your travelers to connect with a Travel Advisor and communicate in a seamless and secure manner.

COVID-19 Travel Resources – TL365 Mobile

While things are improving, our new world continues to change with COVID-19, with changing restrictions, rules and safety requirements. To help empower travelers to better understand that information, the Travel Leaders 365 Mobile App offers detailed and up-to-date information about the impact COVID-19 may have on your travel. From mask requirements to travel bans, recommendations about travel, and Vendor safety and refund policies, the Travel Leaders 365 Mobile App is a single stop for your travelers to have access to COVID-19 information at the click of a button.

Live Chat – TL365 Mobile

One of the pivotal benefits of the Travel Leaders 365 Mobile App is access to 24/7, 365 Live chat with our team of Travel Advisors. Whether you need to book a trip for a last minute meeting, change your return flight due to a change in meeting time or simply check available options, our team are available to support your travelers needs.

Live Chat is supported worldwide, by both cell networks and wifi. Additionally, our Live Chat features works onboard airplanes, and can be a great resource for travelers who need to make changes to their travel plans before they arrive in destination.

Itinerary Management – TL365 Mobile

Travelers can access their upcoming travel reservations, in a simple and easy to read interface. With quick access to confirmation numbers, flight, hotel and car details, it makes finding a reservation easy. From the Itinerary view, travelers can schedule transportation to their airport, hotel or any other location in their Itinerary with a click of a button.

Real-Time Disruption Notifications – TL365 Mobile

Incorporated with the reservation view are flight notifications. These contextual alerts provide important information and reminders to travelers, as it relates to their itinerary. We look at relevant notifications, and work to prevent over notifications of details that may not be as relevant or important for travelers.

Destination Guide – TL365 Mobile

Incorporated with the Travel Leaders 365 Mobile App is our Destination Guide. Featuring a variety of information about almost 1,000 cities worldwide, our Destination Guide provides additional information about their destination. Helpful for dinning recommendations, places to see and traveler information including electricity, emergency services numbers and recommendations for visas’.

Our Travel Leaders 365 Mobile App is available to all of our customers, from the Apple and Android App Stores, and is available now.

We look forward to supporting you on your upcoming travels!

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