Enlisting the help of a Travel Management Company (TMC) to organize your corporate travel needs can save you time and money searching for the best deals on air tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars. It can also help prepare travel policies for your employees in the event of unforeseen problems. 

If your company is already working with a TMC, you may be wondering if they are delivering the services that they promised. Here are five questions to ask to determine whether your TMC is taking care of your travel needs.

1. Are they providing added value and amenities?

A good Travel Management Company will go above and beyond to serve their customer’s needs. They can identify issues such as misconnected flights to rebook your traveler before they land, and expedite any documents your travelers may need to cross borders to make that important last-minute meeting. You can discover how Travel Leaders 365 can reduce your direct and indirect travel costs with initiatives such as proactive flight monitoring here.

2. How is their duty of care?

When traveling on business, the health and safety of your employees is of vital concern. A comprehensive duty of care program will ease the stress and any adverse impacts that travel may have on your staff before, during and after their trip. From monitoring natural disasters to tracking political unrest, our duty of care report and alert system will give you and your staff peace of mind while they are out on the road.

3. Are they technology-centric?

Today’s business traveler expects the world at their fingertips and technology is key to keep track of all the details of your travel program. Enlist the services of Travel Leaders 365 and you’ll have access to an integrated suite of travel management technologies, including on-line booking tools, detailed reporting and a mobile app. 

4. Can they deliver round-the-clock support?

Whether you need to make an urgent change to your flight after a last-minute meeting reschedule, or book additional hotel rooms for more staff to attend an important conference, your travel program is subject to constant change. Somebody needs to be on hand to pick up the pieces and make alternative arrangements when things don’t go to plan. With 24/7 support by email, phone and live chat every day of the year, the travel experts at Travel Leaders 365 can resolve the most complex problems, from cancellations to flights delays or a diversion to your journey.

5. Do you have access to spend and travel analysis?

The cost of your corporate travel is vital to the success of your business, both long and short term. If you don’t have access to a detailed breakdown of your expenses and travel metrics , then your Travel Management Company is not doing its job properly. Travel Leaders 365 provides a Reporting Suite of tools to capture, cleanse and categorize all your travel purchases and avoid any unwelcome surprises. By analyzing all the data – such as the impact a particular airline has on your travel spend – our expert travel managers will streamline the process and help you achieve your potential savings. And that’s good for your business.  

If your current TMC isn’t helping you meet all of the above objectives, then consider switching to Travel Readers 365 with comprehensive solutions to keep your corporate travel plans on the right track.