Business travel has undeniable perks, but it comes with a multitude of challenges to stay productive while you are away. Even seasoned travelers can lose focus without a good plan. To get the most from your trip, we’ve put together some tips to help your business travel work for you.

Delegate the details

It’s easy to get excited about spending time in a new location, but it soon becomes obvious just how much work the planning involves. By enlisting the services of a dedicated travel management company with a flexible technology platform, 24/7 support and Live Chat that gives you quicker access to expert advice in the event of any problems, so you can delegate the details to help you concentrate on the important stuff – your clients.    

Plan ahead and make strategic lists

Preparation is key for any successful business, but it’s even more vital when you are away from the office. Be clear about the objectives of your trip and set priorities with a detailed to-do list before you depart. Highlight the most important tasks, but don’t neglect the small stuff. Make use of the Wi-Fi at the airport to declutter your email inbox and free you to concentrate on important documents during the longer flight times. Get into the habit of treating your flight as an opportunity to work without distractions.

Pack like a professional

Speaking of lists, make a note of all the essential technology you will need so that you don’t get caught out minutes before a meeting. It’s also a good idea to make a note of the business attire you’ll want to make a good impression. If you can fit everything into a carry-on bag, it will save you the wait at the baggage carousel on arrival. Consider using a clothing rental service such as DUFL. They will organize your clothing needs virtually via your smartphone and claim to save travelers three to five hours per round-trip.  

Research your destination and maximize the use of apps

Find out as much as possible about where you will be staying and how close it is to amenities, such as grocery stores and restaurants. Be aware of anything that could eat into your time, such as a destination’s reputation for hard-to-hail cabs. Download apps that will save you time, like the Travel Leaders 365 mobile app. This provides flight notifications, allows you to book Uber or Lyft car services and includes a destination guide to help you get a gauge of the city your visiting. Btrfly is an app that can connect you with other delegates attending the same conference, and may even lead to new networking opportunities along the way.  

Organize your office in your hotel room

Being away from the routine of everyday life can be disorienting. Minimize this risk by creating a micro routine. Some travelers set up a dedicated workspace with their laptop and documents easily to hand as soon as they arrive at their hotel room. Others prefer to make a clear distinction between work and leisure spaces, so make sure your accommodation has good business facilities. A travel management company can make your trip seamless and smooth with preferred relationships for room upgrades, along with better room availabilty and faster car rental pickup – getting you to your accommodation with less stress.         

Mind your health

A report by the Harvard Business Review in 2018 highlighted the dangers to health of frequent business travel, including a greater dependence on alcohol. Poor health means poor productivity, so stay clear of the breakfast buffet and load up on healthy foods. Remember to drink plenty of water as dehydration can lead to fatigue and a fuzzy head. Factor in time to exercise, even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood, and get plenty of sleep. Relax in the knowledge that a travel management company will enhance the Duty of Care policy of your own company to support you on your travels should the need arise. 

Communicate with your office during and after your trip 

Keeping lines of communication open with your office is important while you are away. But it’s also vital you meet with your team as soon as possible after to evaluate which strategies worked and the ones that were less successful and could use more strategic pre-trip planning. The integrated expense management offered by Travel Leaders 365 will save you the wait of sending in manual receipts to ensure you are reimbursed faster.