Clients keen to stretch their legs can make the most a lunchbreak in Rome with these activities

Explore the Roman Forum

First time visitors with limited time to discover the Eternal City will want to tick off at least one of the city’s top attractions. If they’ve already seen the Colosseum, then there’s no better place to start exploring than at the Roman Forum nearby. Here, visitors can roam freely around remnants of ancient structures that once defined Roman life; and unravel layers of time at the grandeur of the Temple of Saturn, Arch of Septimius Severus and House of the Vestals, a former three-storey palace and home to 50 rooms during the heyday of the Roman Empire.

Embark on a riverboat tour

Regain some calm from the bustling streets of Rome with a leisurely boat tour on the Tiber River.  Aboard a traditional wooden vessel, guests can watch Rome’s landmarks float by from a completely unique perspective. Rome Boat offers a hop-on hop-off tour that’s valid for 24 hours – so your client can see the sights during their lunchbreak and hop back on after work. Stopping at Isola Tiberina close to the Trastevere quarter and attractions such as Piazza Venezia; the boat also visits Castel Sant’Angelo near the Vatican City for sites such as the Pantheon and Piazza Navona; Ponte Sisto bridge near Campo de’ Fiori square and Piazza Trilussa and Popolo Square by the exclusive shopping district around the Spanish Steps. For those interested in culture, audio commentary about Roman history is available in English on board.

Running in Rome

If your client has limited time in Rome or is keen to unwind in some green space, we suggest they enjoy a short run or brisk walk and take in the capital’s sights.  Enjoy lunch in Vivi Bistrot in the heart of the park, and amble around Belvedere Lake or picnic with locals outside the private Villino Algardi, also known as Casino del Bel Respiro.  Or they can escape the crowds that visit Borghese Park by exploring the lesser known Villa Pamphili on the west side of the River Tiber.  Villa Pamphili’s natural trails attract joggers, while its 6 mile perimeter route is just about doable in a lunchbreak. Fortunately there are bathrooms and water fountains near the entrance to freshen up.

Take a cooking class

If your clients have an extended lunch break, they could consider a private cooking class. Cook with Mamma workshops take place at the charming hilltop home of mother and daughter duo Debora and Fiamma. Alongside their family dog, Rolly, these warm and welcoming hosts will greet their guests before sharing traditional customs and cooking methods that have been passed down through generations.  From tagliatelle and cavatelli pasta, to traditional Roman sauces such as cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) and Amatriciana (bacon and tomato) and tiramisu, the host caters for all skills and dietary requirements.

Learn about beekeeping

For an unconventional Roman experience, visitors can meet a beekeeper. Against the backdrop of Rome’s skyline, guests learn about the unique role bees play in the city’s ecosystem from an urban beekeeper. The Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Api – better known as GRABees – protects Rome’s green spaces, hosts training sessions, visits to apiaries and honey tasting sessions and invites visitors to adopt a hive. Having created a network of beehives in strategic places, from large city parks to formerly abandoned areas that are being redeveloped, sites in Rome include the Colosseum Archaeological Park, the 12.5km remains of the Aurelian Walls that date back to 275 AD and The Temple of the Redicolo God tomb inside Appia Antica Regional Park.

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Image credits: Rome traveler by Happy Moments © Shutterstock; Roman Forum by DaLiu © Shutterstock; Riverboats by Adisa © Shutterstock; Villa Pamphili by Fabio Fiore Ph © Shutterstock; Fresh pasta by Ana Prego © Shutterstock; Beekeeper by santypan © Shutterstock.

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