In the enchanting Riviera Maya, where stretches of powdery white sands meet the lush jungle, a discreet haven of luxury welcomes discerning travelers. Tucked away on the tranquil expanse of Xpu-Ha beach, Hotel Esencia emerges as a breathtaking fusion of opulence and seclusion. Once the private sanctuary of an Italian duchess, this boutique marvel, meticulously curated and designed, now invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of refined elegance, where every detail exudes an air of effortless sophistication.

Hotel Escencia Mexico

A hidden sanctuary

Situated within a 50-acre estate, this former aristocratic hideaway has undergone a metamorphosis, seamlessly blending timeless opulence with contemporary comforts. The Main House remains the hotel’s centerpiece, around which footpaths lead to only 47 suites and 4 villas where guests enjoy genuine privacy and stellar hospitality. Suites adorned in crisp whites and earthy tones, punctuated by vibrant accents, offer sweeping views of the ocean or the surrounding jungle. From private plunge pools to expansive terraces, each accommodation bears the mark of exclusivity, promising an unforgettable stay for the most discerning of guests.

Colourful Mistura restaurant at Hotel Esencia in Mexico

A change of pace

At Hotel Esencia, indulgence transcends mere luxury—it is an art form. Mornings start with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a tantalizing spread of pastries, delivered directly to your door. The days unfold in a myriad of activities to suit all paces, from morning yoga sessions by the ocean to invigorating water sports, or a range of relaxing spa rituals infused with ancient Mayan wisdom. The culinary experience is a celebration of Mexican flavors, with an array of dishes ranging from light bites at the Beach Restaurant to modern Mexican delicacies served at the Garden Restaurant.

Hotel Escencia in Tulum Mexico

Environmental stewardship

While Hotel Esencia embodies an aura of exclusivity and indulgence, it also remains committed to its environmental stewardship, actively participating in initiatives to preserve the region’s natural beauty. From the protection of sea turtles to sustainable waste management practices, the hotel stands as a bastion of responsible luxury, offering an experience that harmoniously coexists with the pristine ecosystem it calls home.

An eternal sanctuary

Hotel Esencia transcends the realm of traditional hospitality, offering an incredible escape where time seems to stand still. Here, guests find themselves ensconced in unassuming luxury, where privacy is revered, and every moment is crafted to leave lasting memories. It is a sanctuary that captures the essence of Riviera Maya’s mystique, inviting travelers to savor an experience that embraces the extraordinary.

Hotel Escencia Xpu Ha Mexico

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