Business travelers across the world are always looking for ways to make a journey as painless as possible. Lots of factors can work against a trip being a success: long layovers, jet lag, a poor phone signal. Preparation can iron out these wrinkles and make travel more rewarding. Here’s a roundup of useful business travel gadgets to enhance a trip.

Reduce jet lag
Gadget: Portable light therapy system

Jet lag needn’t be the bane of the business traveler, barely acclimatized to their destination before they’re back in the office at home. Light therapy can be a great solution for this perennial problem. By simulating the effect of sunlight on the body – which tells the brain that the body should be awake – light therapy kits such as the Luminette 3 or Verilux Happy Light Lucent can contribute towards resetting the circadian rhythm. Use them for an hour when you wake up to feel more awake during the day, and able to sleep at night, even with large time-zone leaps. 

Never lose a cable
Gadget: Smart tech kit bag

Packing crucial tech is smart; losing a cables is not. The savvy business traveler can free themselves from cable clutter with one convenient case one convenient case where all the fiddly bits of tech such as charging cables, earbuds and trackpads can be securely stored. 

Stay safe and hydrated
Gadget: Purifying water bottle

Save the environment and banish concerns about undrinkable water from the faucet. Bottles with filters have been around for a while, but business travelers looking to stay ahead of the game should plump for a new-generation bottle such as the UVBrite Beam, which self-cleans every two hours with UV light, killing 99% of bacteria. 

Charge on the move
Gadget: Portable Power Pack

A work trip can be exhausting for the business traveler’s cell phone. Calls to take, maps to check, menus to translate. A trusty portable power pack allows business travelers to keep going even on long excursion days far from a plug socket. But at the end of the day, it is still worth bringing along the power pack’s trusty lieutenant: the universal adapter.

Podcast in peace
Gadget: Noise-canceling headphones

Back in the early 2010s, buying headphones was all about compromise. Want bluetooth? Sacrifice sound quality. Want a good microphone? Sacrifice noise-canceling functionality. But things have changed, and fast. With that baby crying in the next seat, the business traveler will be glad that now they really can have it all. Sony currently leads the pack in all-round functionality; audiophiles might consider the Mark Levinson 5905. Try headphones on in person to assess their comfort and sound quality.

Soothe lost luggage anxiety
Gadget: Smart luggage

The savvy business traveler should rightfully be wary of having to buy “smart” versions of things they already own. But a travel case such as Hays SmartLuggage, which is smartphone trackable, with an intelligent locking system, and which sets off an alarm if left unattended? That could be a lifesaver.

Protect your posture
Gadget: Travel laptop stand

In the office, or at a work from home setup, it is easy to max out personal ergonomics. Office chair at perfect height, standing desk, coffee cup situated at precisely the easiest accessible angle. Shorn of these home comforts, back pain can arise. A portable laptop stand is a good first step towards working on planes, trains or far-flung coffee shops at an angle that promotes good posture.

Armed with this fleet of useful business travel gadgets, travelers will be fully prepared to get the most out of their business trip. Give your advisor at Travel Leaders 365 a call and we can assist with everything else.

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