A few weeks ago, Shahrookh Cambata and I where stunned to win Travel Leaders Network‘s highly coveted Golden Legacy Award for Travel Leaders 365.

The Golden Legacy Award ranks as the single highest honor any Travel Leaders Associate may receive and celebrates the award winner’s lifetime career achievements. Needless to say, we were stunned at this enormous honor and recognition. Had I any knowledge of what was coming, I would have worn something more appropriate haha.

Travel Leaders 2021 EDGE Conference in Orlando – Left to Right, Roger Block, Shahrookh Cambata, Ian Cambata, Perry Lungmus

Recognition is a funny thing. Pursuit of it rarely yields the results that are sought, instead, recognition is reserved only for the few who commit themselves to the work at hand, and strive to excel at it. For us, this recognition comes from over 90 years of experience and 3 generations of commitment to our customers and our industry, with an entrepreneurial spirit that we embrace in the way that only a small business can do. The recognition of our commitment to carrying our industry forward through hard work, customer service and technology development means so much to our family, that it is hard to convey our appreciation of such an award.  

While we appreciate the acknowledgement of our efforts to lead our companies, we want to dedicate this recognition to all of our team members, both past and present, who help us continuously deliver a higher standard of travel and support to our customers around the world. Without such wonderful team members, who’ve stood with us during the most challenging 20 months of our lives, we wouldn’t be here.

Here is a snippet of how Travel Leaders announced our award:

As with so many of the prior recipients of the Golden Legacy Award, the business of this year’s winner is a family affair, passing experience and acumen through generations. In fact, this family’s engagement with travel first started in 1928 based on an Indian aviation company that served customers ranging from the Pope to the Beatles.

And likewise, as with so many prior Golden Legacy winners, this awardee pair are serial entrepreneurs, constantly innovating, adapting and growing new businesses to successfully compete. 

They established their first US travel agency in the USA in 1990 and later opened an office in Canada in 1995. Joining Travel Leaders Network in 2013 they have proven a terrific collaborator in jointly delivering proprietary corporate travel services and tools. Along the way, they maintained a successful luxury tour company in India that is consistently recognized on the Travel + Leisure World’s Best list, Greaves Tours LLC.

All of this success has often been earned against a backdrop of challenging conditions, but this winner has inspired us all with uncommon willingness to share and help fellow Associates, setting an example of professionalism combined with good humor and quiet modesty. I’m very pleased to welcome to the stage to honor this year’s Golden Legacy Award winners, Ian and Shahrookh Cambata of Travel Leaders 365

Travel Leaders Network 2021 EDGE Conference in Orlando

This award is a reminder for us as to why we are committed to our industry and our trade. It has refueled our passion, and our hope, for what this industry can be. We are excited about the future, about the new tools we will be introducing, about the new partnerships we have, and about the new services we can bring to all of our customers.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us, and making us a part of your travel experiences. We look forward to serving you again soon.

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