Imagine the best of both worlds – conducting business in exotic locations and immersing yourself in new cultures, all while maintaining productivity, relaxation, and a sense of adventure. That’s the magic of “bleisure” travel, an exciting trend that has become increasingly popular among employers keen to nurture and engage top talent by offering them extraordinary experiences that expand their horizons creatively.

Join the bleisure movement and embark on a trip that not only enhances your professional skills but also satisfies your wanderlust. Let the world be your backdrop as you create unforgettable memories and find the perfect balance between work and play.

Check the weather

To optimize your trip, it’s worth liaising with your teams and clients at your destination to gauge the best time of year to visit. This way you can ensure your visit falls during the appropriate season if you intend to extend your stay. This way, you can align your business goals with your travel plans to maximize both your meetings and your holiday.

Cultural events and festivals

Discover the vibrant cultural scene of your business trip destination by researching upcoming events and festivals. Local colleagues living are a great place to start for insider intel and advice. This means you can plan your visit accordingly, avoiding overcrowded busy seasons and even incorporating a must-see exhibition into your itinerary so you can enjoy a well-balanced blend of business and leisure while immersing yourself in the vibrant local culture.

Be clear on your company’s Travel Policy

Before you launch into your bleisure adventure, be sure to confirm where you stand on transport, expenses and travel insurance. You might have accrued loyalty points depending on your company’s travel program so it’s worth scheduling a check in with HR to understand your policy and perks. 

Maximize weekends and public holidays

By scheduling your trip strategically, you can make full use of the weekend to extend your time off. Take advantage of booking the following week off to almost double your annual leave, allowing you to turn five days of holiday into nine glorious days of adventure in the region you’re visiting.

Invite your partner, friends and family

If your company is providing accommodation for your business trip, they might be willing to allow your significant other to stay with you. It’s well worth speaking to your travel manager to confirm the rules around your accommodation to see how you can extend your stay to maximize costs.

Location, location, location

Expand your horizons beyond the confines of your business trip destination. For example, while you’re in Frankfurt for a week of meetings, why not seize the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable nine-day adventure in Rome? A quick two hour flight while you’re based in Europe could make you a huge personal saving on the trip of a lifetime in the Eternal City.

Shake up your routine

Can’t survive without your morning coffee? You can still embrace your pre office rituals in situ by exploring the neighborhood cafés and independent restaurants near your hotel or around your office to get a local flavor for the destination you’re visiting.

For more expert tips and impeccably planned business trips, contact our team who can create a bespoke mixture of business and leisure to maximize your travel experience.

Mixing business and leisure with a bleisure trip working from the beach on laptop

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